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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance

Most insurance providers either don't understand cannabis operations, or they don't have the right suite of products to offer the right solutions.

Whether yours is an uncomplicated operation or one with unique aspects (new ventures, multi-state, coverage needs for armed guards), we have the expertise and carrier relationships to tailor the right insurance products for your business. Here's some of what we can do:

  • General Liability up to $5M (product liability up to $5M)
  • Excess Liability up to $15M
  • Property up to $25M (crop, building, business personal property, even equipment breakdown)
  • Crop coverage for seeds/seedlings, vegetative and flowering plants, harvested plants, and finished stock
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment Practices Liability from $500K to $2M
  • Auto up to $2M liability limits, up to 100 vehicles, heavy duty and semi trucks okay
  • Motor Truck Cargo up to $500K
  • Licensed in AZ, CA, CO, MA, NV, OR, TN, TX and UT

Schedule an appointment here or for more information on Cannabis insurance, visit our dedicated CBD website cbd.semlerins.com.

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Transportation Insurance

Transportation insurance is a policy that offers coverage on the insured's property while it is in transit from one location to another on any necessary mode of transport. This includes transport by land, air, and water.

  • Automobile (California Only)
  • Private Passenger, Fleets, Light/Heavy Trucks,Trailers
  • Liability & Physical Damage Coverage
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto
  • Motor Truck Cargo

There is always a risk that goods in transit may be damaged.

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Package Insurance

We can provide more complete insurance products for clients that have amassed a number of assets, and have investments in real property. Grouping everything together gives us the ability to create policies with a complete view of any risks and exposures you may have. Please give our agents a call about package insurance if you're working towards building a healthy retirement or invested in real property.

  • Property / Crop
  • General Liability
  • Excess Liability

Designed to meet the real needs of our customers.

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Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects a company against claims or suits arising from the company's products, whether they were made by the company or sold by them.

This form of insurance covers a manufacturer's or seller's liability for bodily injury or property damage sustained by a third party due to a product's defect or malfunction. We can help design a policy specific to your business that won't break the bank.

  • Up to $5M Combined Single Limits
  • Product Withdrawal Endorsement
  • Up to 5-year Retro Date

Businesses benefit from
product liability insurance.

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